Denominational Brackets (BACK AGAIN!)

Once again the season is upon us when denominations battle it out to see who is the best of the best. This is March Madness. The brackets will be coming out early next week and the anticipation is mounting.

There are some bubble teams again this year that will sit at home and wonder what happened. In years past the committee has always wondered whether or not to give the Mormons a Christian Denomination status. Will this year be the year that they are included? Does Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign bring enough positive press to the Mormons for them to be included in this Christian Denomination challenge? We will see.

Who will be the surprises? Will the powerhouses remain on the top. Who will fall from their number one seeding? Can there be three Wesleyan traditions in the final four this year or is it predestined that a Presbyterian denomination goes all the way? Who will win out? The Pope is excited about his chances and with General Conference of the UMC this year, they will definitely be in the spot light.

Will there be a Cinderella story like the Moravians last year? Will it be a route by the mainlines? Will Non-denominationals growth be an asset or hinder their chances? The crowd will be clued in their seats to find out the results as the Madness beings.

Leave a comment on who you would like see compete and who you hope to win. Join in on the fun.

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