Denominational Brackets Announced

Just announced today is the line up for the second annual March Madness Denominational Bracket Challenge. Posted below are the four regions and the top 8 denominations.

Here is how it plays out: BUT FIRST REMINDER: This is supposed to be fun and unusally cruel comments aobut other denominations will be deleted. This is tounge and cheek and FUN is the key word!
These denominations are not attached to teams in the NCAA tournament. The winners are choosen by two sets of rules.
First, who the favorite. If there is a huge push for one denomination to win, please let me know by leaving a comment and give your reason. For example: if you would like to see the Wesleyan’s upset Non-denominational please tell me why. Did the Wesleyan’s make the news because of something they did this year or because of a certain theological stance that makes them superior to Non-denom.?
Second, you can also tell me why a denomination should lose because of them making the news or because of a theological position.
Play along and have fun. A full printable bracket will be availible soon. Get your comments in quick though, play begins on Thursday!

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