U2charist Liturgy/Order of Worship Needed

Thanks to Gavin I have discovered U2charist but I cannot locate a liturgy/order of worship for it. When and what songs are used? Does it flow like a regular service or different? I have been all over the Episcopal Church’s website and have found some helpful things but not a liturgy.

If someone knows that one exists please let me know. If someone has used this service before, how did you use it? in what context? was it successful?

7 thoughts on “U2charist Liturgy/Order of Worship Needed

  1. Not sure if this will help you, but there’s a sample format at < HREF="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U2charist" REL="nofollow">Wikipedia<>. Also, < HREF="http://www.sarahlaughed.net/u2charist/2008/02/what-if-i-want.html" REL="nofollow">this blogger<> listed some songs she has used. Hope something there is of help.


  2. < HREF="http://www.gavoweb.com/hit_the_back_button_to_mo/2006/04/sacraments_acco.html" REL="nofollow">this was when i first highlighted the trend or creation of the service<>. it has a listing of the songs in there, but not the liturgical components.also, the person who shared the recent article with me knows the pastor highlighted and offered to give me their email if i wanted. i could ask if you like.


  3. The information that vicki provided was helpful for me. The e-mail address that I found and listed in my prior post is a valid address and if you send them a note, they will respond.I also found out that you have to be judicious in your use of these services. U2 still holds the copyright for the music and they are “picky” about its use.But it gives us something to think about. There are other songs that one could use, as I noted in my post < HREF="http://heartontheleft.blogspot.com/2006/11/rock-and-roll-revival.html" REL="nofollow">“Rock and Roll Revival”.<>


  4. Glad to hear of your interest in the U2charist! Drop me a line at dylan [at] sarahlaughed.net and I’d be happy to email you prayers and other liturgical elements that have been used, or to talk with you about what might be most authentic and fruitful for a U2charist in your congregation.Blessings,Dylan (yup — the Dylan Breuer who instigated the very first U2charist in 2004)


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