Preaching Easter, Why is it so Hard

Why is writing an Easter sermon so hard? I was talking with another pastor and he voiced his trouble with coming up with something fresh to say EVERY Easter. Christmas Eve services are easy, if you don’t have anything creative to say you can do a candlelight service and it is taken care of. But Easter is on a Sunday and people come out of the wood work to worship on that day. It is the holiest day of the year so why is it so hard to come up with something to preach?

A mentor of mine told me that there are two occasions when preaching should be easy, Christmas and Easter. Why? Because all we have to do is tell the story. We do not have to worry about coming up fresh or exciting, just tell the story. I asked him, “What about the people who only come on those two Sundays. Won’t the Chreasters get tired of hearing the same message over and over?” It’s the most important message we preach and if they only hear two sermons a year, it needs to be that Christ came to earth, died, and rose again.

I’ve posted an old Easter sermon and I am struggling to figure out what to preach this year. This will be only the third sermon I have preached on Easter. The last time I preached on Easter was in 2003. I’m five years away from that now and I’m looking for something to say. I think I’m trying to hard. Maybe I should just listen to the wise words of my mentor and simply tell the story.

Do I really think I can come up with something more powerful than Christ has Risen! (ohh…there might be a sermon in that statement!)

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