Summer Movies – One’s I’m Excited About

Let’s face it, summer is right around the corner and so are the summer movies. Now that I’m a parent I will not be able to go and see all the ones I would like, but here are my pics for some goodies.

The Incredible Hulk – June 13th – I love Edward Norton and he looks like he can play a good Bruce Banner. I hated the one that came out in 03 but this look a ton better. Rating = A Matinee if kid is with Grandparents.

Iron Man – May 2nd – Robert Dowey, Jr. looks awesome and it looks like a good story. Still it a comic book movie and like all of them this summer it looks good but I’m sticking with the Hulk Rating = A Matinee if kid with with Grandparents.

The Dark Night – July 18th – I loved the Batman Begins movie and Ledger looks awesome as the Joker, my favorite villain of all time. This looks like a winner. Rating = Get a babysitter and enjoy a night out on the town.

Tropic Thunder – Aug. 15th – This one looks like it has great potential. At first look, another Stiller movie could head down the same path as Zoolander, utter stupidity, but this looks different. I really find Robert Downey, Jr.’s character (a black guy) as a great opportunity for some great laughs. We shall see! Rating = Rental, unless critics go crazy for it.

Hancock – July 2nd – This one looks interesting. I love Will Smith and the idea of a haphazard and homeless super hero could be nice relief to a comic book soaked summer. Could be great or a tank. Rating – wait for reviews and rent it.

That’s enough for now, but as you can tell there will be some good flicks this summer!

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