2012 – our world will end

Here is a link to an intersting video about Weavers. Catherism was a gnostic idea that caught on, espically in France, that the Pope and the Catholic Church stopped by killing thousands or even millions of people. Weaving was the trade of the monks of this religion that believed to get to heaven one had to destory the material world. The rumor is they hold the truth on a scroll which Jesus wrote himself, and during the war that destoryed them, four monks escaped and scattered the scroll (in four pieces) across the globe. Then using their keen skills in weaving they left clues, codes and directions to the generations to follow. In the year 2012, which is linked to many of these clues and codes, the Weavers will show themselves again and all hell will break loose.

Fun! Check out the video – here.

HT: Neatorama

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