Ethiopia’s Food Crisis

As I munched on some animal crackers and ice water (a simple snack but one that fills my belly) I opened up the most recent post from The Big Picture. Quickly becoming by favorite blog, the moisture was sucked out of my mouth and appeared in my eyes as I followed the eight photo journey of the Mohamed family.

The four year old (FOUR YEARS OLD!!!!!) daughter, Michu, of Amina Nanessa Mohamed dies of malnutrition. Reuters photographer Radu Sigheti follows the family during this horrible journey. Go take the journey with them, HERE!

As food prices hit all time highs around the world I wonder why. Global Warming? Greedy countries who consume more than we…I mean…they…need? Or simply a series of global tragic events? Whatever the case 2008 Ethiopia is starting to look eerily similar to the Ethiopia of the early 90s. 4.6 million people are in desperate, dire, and drastic need for humanitarian aid.

Ethiopia has requested $325 million dollars worth of aid. That’s a half of what we spend daily on the Iraq war. I suddenly have lost my appetite for animal crackers.

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