Recommendations Needed

I am looking for some good books on two subjects and would love any recommendations.

1. Building Stewardship – Stewardship is going to be one of my main focal points this next year and I am looking for some ways to build an attitude of stewardship not simply giving.

2. Small Groups – I would like to start some home/small groups but need some guidance on how they are formed and what it takes to sustain them.

Any help is much appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Recommendations Needed

  1. Rev. J.:That’s a tough one. Over the years, I have just done it.But in reference to stewardship, I would utilize anything that Dave Ramsey publishes. He’s a little conservative for some folks, but he takes a wholistic approach to stewardship, which includes individuals being better stewards of their own finances thereby freeing up funds for giving.I have used his stuff and found it quite helpful.


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