Renyolds Progam in Church Leadership

I was excited to learn at the end of May that I was excepted into the Royce and Jane Reynolds Progam in Church Leadership. This is a joint effort between Duke Divinity School and the Center for Creative Leadership. 24 pastors total are accepted into this program from the Virginia, North Carolina, Western North Carolina, and South Carolina Conferences. The wonderful thing is this program is funded through the Royce and Jane Reynolds and Parish Ministry Fund. They have reported to us that the cost is about $10,000 per participant. I was amazed at that number until I saw that there is nothing second class about this program.

The Center for Creative Leadership is a first class and world wide non-profit, which trains leaders from all areas of business and from around the world. They train CEOs of major Fortune 500 companies and now they are going to train me. So far it seems a little surreal and humbling. To quote Wayne and Garth…”I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy.” I especially thought that after seeing the hotel we are staying in for our first session in August.

This is a year long program and I’ll be meeting with them for four sessions. The topics for the sessions are Foundations for Leadership: Who Are You?; Developing a Vision: Who is Your Congregation?; Working the Plan: How Do We Work Together?; Mobilizing for Mission: Where Do We Go From Here?.

Right now I’m in the middle of the piliminary work. I have to fill out surveys online, get others to fill them out as well, take Myers-Briggs, and some other tests. There will be more posts to come about this experience which should be life and ministry changing.

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