SEJ Bishop Candidates

Here is the list of the people running for Bishop in the Southeastern Jurisdiction. Check out their websites. SEJ’s conference is only 8 days away. Another chance for good some UMCspan, still not as good as General Conference…but still good stuff.

Arnetta Beverly, Western North Carolina (info)
Randy Cooper, Memphis (website)
Lynn Hill, Tennessee (website)
Paul Leeland, North Carolina (website)
W. Timothy McClendon, South Carolina (website)
Jerald Russell, Holston (website)

Do you think websites help Episcopal candidates? Do you think those who don’t have a website are at a disadvantage?

7 thoughts on “SEJ Bishop Candidates

  1. Personally I think it might hurt them, but you do need good information. For example, websites end up being that first impression thing. And I’d hate to end up liking someone just because their son/daughter is skilled with a mac. But like I said, I think there is information that needs to be given. In a perfect world we’d all get to talk to them.


  2. Thanks UM for the comment. I agree, websites could be a simple demonstration of ‘who do you know who can build a pretty site.’ Yet how else does the information get out about that person’s credentials or assets that would make him/her a good bishop. I have never been to a Jurisdictional Conference and they may cover that. But is our electing a bishop similar to a presidential election, the one with the loudest voice or most propaganda behind them win?


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