Leadership Questions

As we have talked about all our inner workings this week there has been a running statement our facilitators has used. They said we are doing this not to become a leader but to become more like ourselves. I am doing this not to become a good leader but to be more ME.

Now I laughed at this a little but today it sunk in. For the longest time I thought there was a cookie cutter image of the perfect leader. Yet, in a room full of ministers, we are all different in our behaviors and preferences. I am realizing that the image of what a true leader looks like is really areas of my behaviors and preferences that I wish was different. I am an introvert and I wish I could be more extrovert. Yet that is because the image I have of a good leader is someone that is extroverted.

What I am discovering is that if I truly desire to be the best leader I can be, then I need to shed those preconceived notions of what a leader looks like. I need to look myself in the mirror and not see someone who is not MY image of a leader but someone God created to BE a leader.

The major issue I will need to get over is I have all the gifts and talents it takes to be a truly good leader. I have to see my strengths and capitalize on them. Most of all I need to have confidence in myself to know I am leadership material. I need to be comfortable in my own skin and not think that other’s opinions on what a leader should look like means I need to be that way.

Brain full…going to bed for one last night in this beautiful room and look forward to one last day of this first of four sessions.

3 thoughts on “Leadership Questions

  1. This has all been very interesting to me — this posting in particular.It’s a realization I’m coming to on my own, as well. I can only BE who I really AM. I’m not ever going to be like Pastor X or Minister Y or Reverend Z. I’m only me.Humbling, isn’t it?


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