Religion’s View of Sex

Here is an interesting graphic describing the different views religions have on sex (and others). (HT: The Blingdom of God) It is interesting to note that Roman Catholics are the only Christian denomination mentioned. Yet, I don’t think that many Protestant denominations would disagree with all the views. But I do think they wouldn’t get as much red.

I learned that Buddhists allow with masturbation and homosexual orientation. I am curious though what is behind the “in most cases”? Roman Catholics believe it is not right to masturbate but in some cases it is okay? I to would rather someone touch themselves and not others. Also, what cases is it wrong for Jews to use birth control?

My limited knowledge of the Jewish faith also has me questioning their stance (of course according to this graphic) on premarital sex. I was a little shocked that they are so ‘for’ premarital sex. Being our ‘father’ religion, I thought they would have a stronger tone to it. Or at least be against the idea.

Upon further research into the stats behind this graphic I was lead to and their survey on teachings by faith groups on sexuality. Within this research is even some more interesting facts. Below is their list, and their numbers mean, 1 = “condemned”, 2 = “morally unacceptable in most cases”, 3 = “neutral” or “no clear position”, 4 = “morally acceptable in most cases”, 5 = “blessed”.
The website states that the information came out of the following: “The San Francisco Chronicle compiled a checklist of sexual ethics “based on official reports and expert advice.” 1 They included four Christian denominations (Baptists, Roman Catholicism, Methodism and Mormonism), and three non-Christian religions (Buddhism, Islam and Judaism). By “Baptists” they seem to be referring to conservative Baptists, like the Southern Baptist Convention. By “Judaism” they may be referring to Reform or Conservative faith groups. “
It is interesting to look at the different beliefs about human sexuality within the different major religions. I am in agreement of their findings on Methodists. Although I think it is telling when you look at the numbers on homosexuality. We have a 4 or morally acceptable in most cases on homosexual orientation but then we have a 1 and two 2s when it comes to homosexual acts or lifestyles. That kind of sends a mixed message. You are of sacred worth, you just can’t live it out. I guess it is the idea, love the sinner hate the sin.
Very interesting though. Enjoy and let me know you thoughts.

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