10 Question Interview – Pediatric Hospice Chaplain

I have often wondered why people are called to do certain ministries. So I decided to ask. Here is a 10 question interview with Shea a pediatric chaplain with Hospice.

  1. What pulled you into the ministry? I felt called into ordained ministry while leading a youth group in college. Then my call became more prevalent as I took care of my dying grandmother and really felt the presence of God in my life.
  2. What pulled you to go into Extension Ministry? Seeing that ministry is beyond the walls of a church and being able to minister to those in crisis situations in the hospital and hospice.
  3. Did you always want to work with Hospice? I always wanted to minister to people who were going through life changing situations and who didn’t feel welcome in the local church or have their own minister.
  4. What is the best part of working with Children’s Hospice? The things that dying children teach you about living life to the fullest.
  5. What is the worst part of working with Children’s Hospice? Seeing parents push their children to limits that are uncomfortable for the child.
  6. Does this position interrupt your personal life or is it easy not to bring your work home with you? It doesn’t interrupt my personal life but I do think, pray, and grieve for the children that have entered my life.
  7. Why did you feel the desire to be ordained an Elder and not a Deacon? I felt the desire to be an ordained Elder so that I could offer my grieving families healing through communion.
    Seeing children suffer has to be one of the hardest things to witness.
  8. How do you keep yourself spiritually grounded seeing all this suffering in so many young children? through prayer and mediation as well as confidants in ministry.
  9. What can local pastors learn from you about how to handle family tragedies involving children? The children’s grief does matter no matter what their age may be. All parents want when they experience a tragedy is for someone to listen and assure them that God is with them.
  10. Where have you seen God this past week? In every child’s face that I have seen.

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