Weight Loss – Week 1

I am going public with my goals in order to have the blogosphere hold me accountable. Or, instead of the whole blogosphere, to my two readers, please hold me accountable!

My plan is to loss 30 pounds before Easter. That is 30 lbs in 30 weeks. It’s simple math, 1 lb per week.

Some history: About two years ago I lost 30 lbs through the LA Weight Loss system. It worked okay but we (my wife and I) could not handle the 3 meetings a week schedule anymore and the constant buying bars, so we quit. My weight was all the way up to 237 when I started and I had gotten down to 207. At 5’10” that is still a little round but definitely not as round at I started. Since then I had gained back about 15-20 (depending on the day). It would really be nice to be back to 207 mark again but to continue to actually get under 200 for the first time since my senior year of college (10 years ago when Easter rolls around).

Also, I am getting close to the age when my dad had his heart attack. He was 34 when he had his heart attack and 36 when he had his double bypass. I’m 31. Now my dad had some habits I don’t but as far as food we are about the same. I am on the verge of high cholesterol and my heart is in fine shape at the moment. I just know as I get older, so does my heart and with the genes I’m wearing, it will need to be in good shape. On top of that my brother-in-law has lost over 100 lbs and my sister has lost a ton as well. My youngest sister and her husband are running a marathon this winter and all four are avid runners. Seeing my family history and my present family’s exercise habits, I am ready for a change.

My plan: my mom so graciously gave me some information on the Weight Watchers program and although I cannot afford the weekly meetings plus the gas to drive to the nearest meeting, I will be doing it on my own. They use a point’s system and it has worked for me in the past. I will also be increasing my exercise which shouldn’t be hard since I currently don’t. Each Monday from now until Easter I will post on my process and my joys and concerns.

1 lb a week for 30 weeks. (By the way, if anyone else is interested in doing this with me, with your own goals, I would love an accountability partner or two)
Week 1:
I started last Monday and weighted in at 224 lbs., which makes my goal weight of 194. Just writing this post scares me because it makes it even more official. I have the full support of my wife but I haven’t mentioned this to anyone besides her. This is the first time I have made my plan public knowledge which adds the pressure of living up to the goal. I can always let myself down but that is why accountability is so important. Making it public forces me to live into this more than just keeping it to myself. I’ve attempted to keep it to myself and 12 hours or 2 days later I am back to my old habits. I need to be cleansed of those habits and one of the best ways is through the process of public confession. I’m excited about this opportunity. Scared of what changes it will bring and the struggle I will have with myself. Making life changes (I’m not calling this a diet, but a life change) are hard because of the mind games you have to play. Like running, changing habits are 20% physical, 80% psychological. That 80% will be the hardest part because I can rationalize and talk myself out of or into anything.

The first week has had its difficulties along with some benefits. Men loss weight fast and easy (at times) so I have seen some success. At my weigh in yesterday I weighed 218. That is 6 lbs down. The hard parts have been the cravings. Cooking waffles on Friday for my wife and son but knowing I can only have 1/3 of my usual portion. Or searching through the grocery for foods that will fill me up and are low on the point scale. This week I have had temptations to give in and blow it on a milkshake but I have held fast and I got through the week under my daily points.

1 week down and 6 lbs down. I already feel like my belly doesn’t stick out as much which is a good feeling. I try to concentrate on that instead of what I am missing.

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Week 1

  1. Hey – for what it’s worth, I’m proud of you…I, too, am trying to lose a few. My target weight is 205, and now I’m around 216. I find the key for me is regular exercise; tomorrow I’ll go to the YMCA during lunch tim! Maybe next time we meet for lunch, we’ll both get waters! 🙂


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