Weight Loss – Week 3

Weight = 217 lbs
Total Weight Loss = 7 lbs

This week was better, I was able to stay on more of a schedule and ate better. I walked today for the first time in a while. It was good to get out and do that again.

The most insightful thing this week is that I realize that since this is a life change, not a diet, it is okay to ‘give in’ every once in a while. For example, I went out to some of my favorite restaurants this weekend. One was Outback. Since I knew I needed to stay within my points, I went in with a game plan. It worked and I wasn’t tempted to go for the stuff that is really horrible! The same was true when I went to Bravo!, a great Italian place. There I got my fav, lasagna but I only finished half. Still enjoyed it but didn’t over indulge. That is what will make the difference I think. I don’t have to neglect or abstain because that is when the cravings become overwhelming. I can make good decision and limit portions, to feed ‘the hunger’ but to be smart too!

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