NC = Battleground State

I am shocked, but not too shocked to see that NC has now turned into a battleground state. We have voted for the GOP candidate for my entire life, since the election in 1980. This means that for the first time I may have a chance to actually be counted. This gets me excited about voting this year. For the four presidential campaigns I could vote in, I have voted in one. For the first two 1996 and 2000, truthfully I did give a crap. Then in 2004 I began to care. I voted for Kerry but since the majority of my state voted for Bush, Bush got our 15 electoral votes. If I did vote in 2000 I would have voted for Gore but once again, that vote wouldn’t have counted.

But this year it is different. Currently it looks like NC is on the fence and leaning towards Obama. Both candidates are putting some money into the state by the number of commercials and mailers I have received. It will be interesting to ‘matter’ this go around.

One thought on “NC = Battleground State

  1. Great for you and your vote! But your post makes me wonder if we will ever change the electoral college way of electing presidents. Maybe “state by state” was appropriate before the days of such massive interstate commerce and mass communication, but I wonder if it really fits us now.


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