Holy Spirit at Work

I prayed very hard about my sermon that I preached this past week. I didn’t post it because it was very Trinity-specific (even more than usual) and I thought it should be left between us. This sermon was the first of three on giving, stewardship, money, tithing, and did I mention money. I prayed a lot about it because of the current situation we are in and I know my flock is struggling. God and I had a lot of conversation about it and my prayers were answered.

As I stood behind the pulpit this week and I felt the Holy Spirit stirring in me. It was an awesome moment to be saying words I prayed about and fought over for a while and feeling the power of the Holy Spirit granting assurance during that moment. Heart strangely warmed? Maybe? But what I do know is that my confidence is up and my preaching chops are hungry for more! Feed me, Oh God, feed me!

I know that the broader sermon who help put this in perspective but I did want to share the moment, or the words that were coming out of my mouth when I did feel this. Will the benefit anyone else besides me, who knows? But when I look back at what I am typing I want to remember what was said through me…

Actually I prayed hard about whether to continue on with this series or
not. I know that everyone in here is struggling with money, in some
form or fashion. Maybe you are struggling with gas prices, now that
NC has the highest in the nation. Maybe you are struggling with huge
amounts of debt or your job is not going as well as you would
like. Everyone is worried about the economy and whether we are
heading for an even greater disaster than what we are in now. I am
right there with you. I’m nervous, scared, worried, and
confused. I prayed to God wondering, is this the right time to talk
about money and the church? Is this the right time to talk about
giving and stewardship? It is NOT the right time, it is the PERFECT

It is the perfect time because this crisis is making us
reprioritize our spending habits and our personal finances. It is the
perfect time to realize that God needs to come first in all aspects of our lives
including our finances. This is the perfect time to stare at the dead
presidents on our bills and say to them, “you no longer have power over
me. I don’t work for you any more. You are working for me and my
God!” This is the perfect time to talk about money because money
holds such power in our lives but that can change. There is nothing
wrong with money but we have a tendency to worship it too much. We
like to place it at the forefront of our lives and think that our life has to
revolve around it. Yet when we do that we are placing money where God
is suppose to be. Now is the perfect time to put God back where he

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