An Email from Rob Bell

Taking the hint from YSMARKO, I emailed Rob Bell to inquire about how I can help the seven, speaking in light to the Citizens of Virtue. Join in the fight to stop these hypocrites! Below is the email I received, a call to action if you will.

A student at a Christian college recently told me that his theology professor’s answers to his questions about God and Jesus and the Bible actually turned him away from the Christian faith…

I find this fascinating. How is it that people who really do want to speak for God can end up leading people to be less interested in their god…Jesus referred to some of the religious leaders of his day as “hypocrites,” which was actually a Greek
theatre term. (How did Jesus know so much about thetheatre? Did he attend
plays?) The word is a reference to an actor who would take the stake holding a
mask to his face, pretending to be somebody he’s not. Jesus was very aware of
the dark side of religion—that lamentable scene you find yourselves in when the
Spirit, like Elvis, has left the building.

I think this truth about the dark side of religion is alive and well today, specifically in regards to a group like “Citizens of Virtue.” I’d say they got the first part right.
They’re citizens, which means they have a responsibility to behave morally. But the last part—the Virtue part—that’s where things get dodgy. They embrace words like Kindness and Charity and Temperance, but every move they make reinforces the corresponding cardinal sin. They have a new campaign called the Seven Virtual Virtues. They’re Virtual, all right—”Virtual,” as in, “not quite real.”
They don’t act—they play-act. Jesus talked about this.

From what I’ve been told, there are seven people inside the Citizens of Virtue that desperately want to get out. They only know each other as The Seven. Each has contacted me in some way, but I’m not able to help them directly for fear of causing them harm. I need your help to get them out, and together we can carefully undermine the Citizens’ efforts. I don’t know them by name, except for one. The Citizens of Virtue have been listening and watching and throwing stones at me for a while now, but they aren’t watching you. Not yet, anyway.

At, there’s a way in. It’s a small way, but sometimes the biggest help comes from the smallest of moves, doesn’t it?

You can help The Seven.
You can stop the Citizens of Virtue.
You can save someone today.
And in the process, you just might save yourself.


Click here to have Marko explain what is happening…this could be interested! If anyone learns how to get in to ‘help the seven’ please let me know what the ‘smallest of moves’ is. I’ve already spent too much time trying to find it myself.

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