Electoral Map

Above is TIME.com’s electoral map, as of today, Nov. 3rd, 2008, here is their article. I participated in early voting and only had to wait in line for about 50 minutes. I thought the process went smooth although i did not have to show any ID. That shocked me. They asked my address and I confirmed that I was the one who lived their verbally but that was it. I am glad I was the first to vote at that address…I would hate to think if someone voted in my place.
When I approached the back of the line the last person noticed the sweatshirt I was wearing (it said Duke) and commented on my good choice. I struck up a conversation and found out that he was actually a retired Methodist minister. We had a good time talking church politics, the new bishop, old bishops and ministerial life after ministry. (It seems you never really retire!) The 50 minutes went pretty quick because of him. Funny who you meet in line to vote!

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