Rev. Bubba – 10 Questions

As a follow up to the post here, here are ten questions for the ministers at Crossfire UMC. These are Rev. Bubba’s answers and I will posts others if they come as well. I truly like Rev. Bubba’s answers to questions 3, 5, and 8. Enjoy

1. John asks – This question may not be your experience; I’m just guessing what biker culture
Looks like. But I’m wondering what about the challenges of serving a mobile congregation.
Is it hard to run a church with the majority of the congregation on the road?

Most of our congregation are blue collar workers who enjoy motorcycles and helping anyone they can in what ever way they can ie. ( building handicap ramps, cutting firewood for those In need, helping with back utility bills, giving food to those who are hungry ) and the like. The major part of our congregation do not Own motorcycles, but feel the Christian love given from the heart. That you are excepted just as you are. Most quality time is just hanging out and finding out where your brothers/sisters are at in their lives and ministering to the needs that arise out of compassion and the fellowship Of Family-hood that seems to be present here.

2. What is the largest difference between a biker church and ‘regular’ church?
I think that the largest difference is that here you come as you are… If you feel comfortable in Shorts & a tank top w/ flip flops your welcome. If you feel comfortable in a suit, or Biker Leather your welcome. In other words you don’t have to come trying to fit in… You fit in coming as yourself you don’t have try to fit a mold. BE REAL, LOVE GOD & YOUR FELLOW MAN —- YOUR IN !!!!!!!!!

3. Dunc and Bubba…what did you find at Crossfire that you were missing in your life?
True Family hood in Christ. Acceptance with out pre-conceptions or expectations.

4. Dunc and Bubba…what called you into local pastoral leadership?
God, with the help of some of CrossFires finest in leadership. Really it was just putting a Title to what I was already doing in the church anyway….

5. Is being a biker a prerequisite for being a member at Crossfire? No as I stated above, Most of the congregation doesn’t even own a motorcycle. The only prerequisite I know of Is you have to come to church, and believe in the God of the Bible. We do ask that Folks wait around six months to join to make sure this is the right place for them. But that Is not required. Just a suggestion.

6. What type of demographic is Crossfire reaching in your area? Mainly Blue collar working class at or below the poverty level, with the exception of some who are totally at the other End of the spectrum and just love the heart that Crossfire has for the community and people In general.

7. Alan…with your work in the rural church, what are you finding is the largest issue facing the Rural churches of Western North Carolina?

8. What can ‘ordinary’ Methodist churches learn from what is happening at Crossfire?
Except them as they are, Welcome them in & love them & mean what you do & say….

9. How can more United Methodists get in touch with their inner biker?
Set aside their pre-conceived religious ideas, doctrine etc. Go with what their heart tells them is right in Christ. Feel free to step out of the box by not worrying about what others might think or say.

10. How is the United Methodist denomination a good fit for biker churches like Crossfire?
As long as our teaching is Biblically based we can hit it from the angle that best speaks to our congregation. ( without all the fluff, keep it simple do it in Love, freedom to lead by example )

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