"Feasting on the Word"

I am excited that finally I can start to use my new lectionary preaching resource, Feasting on the Word. This is a collection that is brand new and is edited by David L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor. Since the first volume is Year B (Advent through Transfiguration) this week is the first time this resource could be used. So far I love it.

What I like about it and the selling point to me, is the four different perspectives. Each lectionary text has an article from the Theological Perspective, Pastoral Perspective, Exegetical Perspective, and Homiletical Perspective. They all have a unique way of looking at the text and give some good examples of where to go in your sermon.

For example: In the Pastoral Perspective on the Mark 13:24-37 text, it paints a picture of a over busy congregation that needs to learn to slow down and wake up to the season of Advent. “In this way, the Scripture from long ago reads us, not the other way around. In Advent, we are indeed asleep to much of what matters.” Now in the Homilectical Perspective, we get the picture of two different styles of waiting, passive verses active. It is the difference between “waiting for Christmas and waiting for Christ.” “A fisherman finds it burdensome to wait for spring to arrive because it is a passive waiting. Once he is fishing, however, he does not find it a burden to wait for the trout to rise to his fly because it is an active kind of waiting, full of expectation.”

If you want to breakdown the symbolism of the fig tree, you can glean from the Exegetical Perspective. If you are looking for more of a historical look at the importance of this text, dive into the Theological Perspective.

I know this is the first week, but I have look ahead a little and the richness and depth of this resource seems to continue. I get a new one of these almost every two months and I think my preaching will be better because of it.

Does anyone else have this on their shelves and if so what do you think?

One thought on “"Feasting on the Word"

  1. I don’t have it on my shelf, but a friend of mine who is a probationary elder just discovered it and was telling me what a great resource she thinks it is. So you’ve definitely got company in your opinion!


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