Weight Loss – Week 11

Weight 214 lbs
Total Weight Loss – 10 lbs

Yes, I have been bad. I haven’t updated but life has gone from hectic to crazy and back to hectic again. Thank you Jodie for keeping me honest. Jodie asked in a comment if I lacked motivation and the answer is yes and no. The truth is I will not reach my goal of being 207 by Thanksgiving.

Here are the list of excuses:

  • My wife is pregnant and her taste buds are all over the place which makes it hard to cook (she is repulsed by grilled chicken and veggies, my go to healthy dinner).
  • I just got back from a conference where we were fed 5 star level food. I indulged way too much and came back gaining 3-4 lbs. Shame on me.
  • Work has been busy and at times a little rough, doesn’t help my emotional eating habit.

With all that said, it is the week of Thanksgiving. Thursday is a great day for great food. I am attempting to eat well between now and then but it is impossible to reach my goal of 207 in two days. My new goal is to be down to that 207 mark by Christmas. This will be difficult with the holiday season but I think it is obtainable.

There has been some good news. With losing 10lbs I have been able to fit into some jeans that have been on the shelf for a while. Yeah! Also, my wife is feeling better with her pregnancy so this can free me up a little to take a little better of me, instead of being on Daddy/Husband duty 24/7.

Thank you for keeping me honest and accountable. Jodie – see you at Thanksgiving sis.

One thought on “Weight Loss – Week 11

  1. Jim – nicely said. I was trying to be down to my goal weight by Thanksgiving and I too, due to several reasons/excuses, did not make it. Like others in our family, we are emotional eaters and as my stress level has increased over the past month, so have my eating habits flopped. I’ve decided that my new goal is to simply continue working towards getting healthier and making better choices, which in the end should yield a smaller number on the scale. Ultimately, I’m hoping that by summer (bathing suit season), I will be happy where I end up. :o) Life is full of unknowns and events that affect our daily life. To that I say, “press on!” Much love and just continue to take small steps in the right direction. If you don’t make your destination by Christmas, it might take a few more weeks. The main goal is to just keep moving.


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