John the Baptist = Disco Stu

John the Baptist is old school. His clothes are decades out of style, hearkening back to Elijah’s treads. His food is rudimentary. His stump speech has been done before. John the Baptist goes old school because he makes the people realize they are in need of something different. Yet what is coming is so different many of them will miss it all together.

I think of John the Baptist as Disco Stu, the character from the Simpsons. His dress, language, moves and attitude are all from a past decade. Every time we see him we, the audience, look back to that decade and either laugh or reminisce. John calls us back as well.

John’s message is one of confession and repentance because we need to look into our own personal past before we realize we need to be saved from ourselves. Like a lineman who carves a path through the defense in order for the running back to make a solid gain. John the Baptist comes out pointing. Pointing us back and pointing us to what is to come.

4 thoughts on “John the Baptist = Disco Stu

  1. Hi there,You don’t know me but I also graduated from Duke Div. I am pastoring a Church in Tampa and when researching for a sermon somehow came to your site. I have checked back for your insights and addicting games… thanks for those by the way. I happened to check out your blog today and saw your analogy of John to Disco Stu. I told it to my husband and we both found you brilliant. It is fantastic :). I was wondering, if citing you of course, I could use this analogy in my sermon this week. I know the teens/young adults would get a kick out of me quoting the SimpsonsThanks so much,Michelle


  2. Thank you Michelle. When did you graduate Duke? I was there 99-02. Feel free to use whatever I said that you find inspiring. I’ll let anyone use my stuff if they call me brilliant.Glad you like the analogy.


  3. Thanks!! I graduated last May (2007). I was glad to be finished, but I miss it now. Who knew I would miss classes? I saw you quoted Peter Storey, his class absolutely amazed me. I totally name drop that I studied with him. 🙂Oh, and Jim Harnish works at a Church about 15 min., from me… small world Thanks again,I really do enjoy your blog!


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