Throw a Shoe, but at Who in 2008?

I was listening to a local radio station and they had a good bit on. They were asking who would you throw a shoe at in 2008? They, of course, are referring to the insult that was hurled at President George W. Bush, which came in the form of a report’s shoes. This got me thinking, looking back at 2008 who would I throw a shoe at?

Here is my list and I would love to hear yours:

  • Jesse Jackson – for talking negitively off mic about Obama and then crying for the cameras at his acceptance speech on election night.
  • Prosperity Preachers – who told people “God wants you to own a house” and so they rushed out to buy houses with horrible mortgages they couldn’t afford because “God’s favor was on them.” Now what are you preaching?
  • Mortgage Lenders – who’s greed lead to this financial situation we are in
  • Rod Blagojevich’s barber – I mean REALLY!
  • Robert Mugabe – for gang-rapping his country with unemployment, disease, fear, and violence.
  • The Media’s Political Coverage – for making me think I care about what candidates ate for breakfast was important for me to make a decision on who to vote for.
  • Mother Nature – who buried too many people using her natural ‘talents’.
  • OJ – for trying to get away with…well at least it wasn’t murder this time.
  • Westboro Baptist Church – for promoting hate in the name of Christ and for picketing the funeral of UNC’s student body president who was murdered.

So who did I leave out? Who would you chuck a shoe at?

3 thoughts on “Throw a Shoe, but at Who in 2008?

  1. I would add John Edwards for running a campaign as a family values man whilst knowing that he had been having an affair. Although, it might be good for Edwards hairdresser to go help Blagojevich even if they charge $400. It would be well worth it.


  2. Thump…(I thought long and hard what a shoe hitting someone on the head would sound like, that’s all I could come up with.)John Edwards, nice toss…love to chuck a shoe at a hypocrite.


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