Conference Average Compensation

While looking for something else on the Conference website, I stumbled across a document on the Conference Average Compensation for 2008, issued 8/14/07. This form lists all the conferences in the US and what their average compensation is. Here are some highlights:

The poorest paid clergy are in the Puerto Rico and Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference with averages of $22,557 and $28,642 respectfully. The highest paying Conference is the North Georgia Conference with an average of $69,746. The next highest is the Texas Conference with $66,406.

There are nine conference in the $60,000 range, all located in the Southeastern Jurisdiction except for the Texas and North Texas conferences. There are also nine conferences within the $40,000 range. They don’t necessarily fall into a geographical pattern but are peppered all over. The rest, 42 conferences, are in the $50,000 range.

It would be interesting to know the changes for 2009 and if there were any conference who’s averages went down due to the economic situation.

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