2008 Round Up

2008 was a crazy year. Here at Adventures, I have had ups and downs. Here are some highlights:

Most commented posts:
More thoughts on Gay Marriage
Pastor’s Salaries
Cabinet Hiding Clergy

Most Traffic: apparently people looking for sermon ideas is a huge traffic source, and placing my sermons on this blog puts me on the front page of a Google search when searching for a sermon on that week’s lectionary text. The top 4 posts are:
Matthew 15:21-28 – Sermon – Scraps (717 views)
John 14:1-14 – Sermon – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (502 visits)
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 – Sermon – Seed Slinger (484 visits)
Pastor’s Salaries (483 visits)

Personal Favorites:
The Adventures of Pastor Bob – Episode 3 – The Bulletin
Lament for a Grandfather (Awarded the Best of the Methoblogosphere) (to follow the story here is Part II and Part III)
Sermon Distraction #14 – Guess the Google

Thank you for stopping by and ignoring the hundreds, or even thousands, of typos.

God be with you in 2009 and I promise more Adventures to come.

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