6 thoughts on “Church Sign

  1. I think there’s a whole blog out there devoted to funny (head-shakable) church signs. The one at the entrance to my neighborhood says “our church is prayer-conditioned.” [sigh]I once heard someone call this “bumper-sticker christianity” and I think that’s a pretty good name for it!


  2. Yes, there is a blog, Crummy Church Signs. I have posted a couple on there but wanted to post this one on my blog. Not a huge fan of ‘bumper-sticker Christianity’, it makes somethings that are complicated too simple.


  3. I agree jimmie! the God I know and love and respect is full of mystery and is WAY too complicated to be boiled down into a cutesy saying! 🙂Trying to consolidate the meaning of God into a rhyming slogan of sorts would kind of defeat the purpose of HAVING FAITH and struggling with it for the last two centuries, don’t you think?!


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