Apportionments Presentation

Using Prezi, I created a presentation I will be giving my congregation on the reasons why we pay apportionments (which we are VERY behind on…shhh don’t tell the DS). See what you think and thanks again Gavin for turning me on to this presentation software. Enjoy…of course realize you won’t actually hear what I’m saying but you can look through my ‘slides’. (just click the middle button to scroll through it and the one on the left to go backwards and to end it, hit the circle little thing for the last dramatic effect)

The main point I’m bring up is that when we give a $1 to apportionments it goes a very long way. There is no other place $1 can make such a large and significant difference.

.prezi-player { width: 550px; } .prezi-player-links { text-align: center; }

5 thoughts on “Apportionments Presentation

  1. Looks like a good framework.

    Do you address explicitly – or need to – the complaint about the general agencies and boards as hives of liberals and out-of-touch bureaucrats?


  2. No, I'm not getting that in-depth with it. Just demonstrating to the congregation what apportionments are and what they do. People think of it as rent or a bill but when you attach the ministry and mission to it, it is impressive what apportionments do.

    Of course there are the “hive of liberals and out-of-touch bureaucrats” but with any 'system' they shall exist. I prefer to look at the people being transformed.


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