In this world of facts and proof which is at our finger tips, it seems we are getting less and less comfortable with mystery. With a new app on my phone, Google Goggles, I can take a picture of something with my phone and get a Google search for that item. If I want to know more about something I can just take a picture of it and off I go tracking down the facts about it.

My generation and the one behind me demand proof for everything. The answer of “just because” doesn’t cut it any more. The question we continue to ask is “because why?” We ask and ask and ask until the proof, the facts are found and digested. But what if the facts run out? What if as we ask question after question we only get more questions? What happens when mystery sets in?
I am reminded about this as we look at Transfiguration Sunday. Jesus’ divine side shows through his humanity and three disciples get a glimpse of the reality of our Savior who is 100% human and 100% God. We hear this story today and we don’t understand it. We pass it off as Biblical hocus pocus and keep moving. Yet what happens if we sit on top of the mountain of Transfiguration in the midst of the mystery?
In our search for the answers to life’s question we forget that there are some things we will never understand. What does it feel like to die? How can people feel prayer? There are points where we have to play the mystery card. Is it a cop-out? No, it is taking seriously the reality of worshiping and believing in a God who goes beyond our understanding. It is resting in the fact that we will never know some things and that faith will simply have to fill in the gaps.
I’m comfortable with that, are you?

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