Salary Reform – Part 3


In my last post I named what I think would be the highest hurdle, what would the equal compensation be? But there are other hurdles that would need to be jumped as well.
  1. Would it be one salary for all or would there be increases given because of length of ministry?
  2. Would this be sustainable without huge conference reserves? Not every church right now pays out their apportionment, clergy benefits, and pensions out at 100%. What makes us think that if we removed the salary part of the local church budget that they could and would willingly pay the additional costs to the conference?
  3. Power and control would be taken away from the larger churches who can afford those higher salaries. They could not longer, by giving out such high salaries, guarantee they would receive the ‘best’ ministers in the conference.
  4. Would this truly remove the competition between clergy? I doubt it but it would remove a large chunk of it, since people feel passed over when one of their colleagues gets a ‘better’ appointment sooner with a higher salary.
There are many more hurdles but these are the ones that come to the forefront of my mind. What would you add?

2 thoughts on “Salary Reform – Part 3

  1. Some great ideas here. I also pastored in the British Methodist Church after seminary, and was also impressed by the salary structure. I would love to see clergy salaries more standardized, too, for the same reasons you have elaborated.

    I suppose that salaries would have to be set per Annual Conference, and included in Conference apportionments. Then the AC would cut the salary checks and pay the pastors. In this way, the large churches would help pay for the salaries of those pastors who are serving small churches.

    Have you had any other responses?

    Wes Magruder


  2. Thank you Wes for your comment. No I have not heard from anyone else but it was good to get thoughts out of my head and somewhere.

    Thanks for reading.


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