9/11 or not to 9/11

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It is Wednesday, I guess it is time to start thinking about Sunday.  Actually I have been thinking, like many preachers, a lot about this Sunday.  The 10th anniversary of 9/11.  A day we will all remember and a day the world changed, or at least for us Americans, our world changed.

I believe that Sunday worship should stand apart and with the culture we live in.  On July 4th, I recognize it is the birth of our country but I don’t hold it up as the purpose of worship on that day.  Actually I have found the prayer the best place to acknowledge the cultural holidays; Thanksgiving, MLK, Mother’s, Father’s, Independence, Memorial, Veteran’s and Labor DAY (oh, oops, actually I did nothing for Labor day and no one complained…huh).

As I have been thinking I have come to this conclusion.  For me, I think this Sunday is different.  In 2005 I acknowledged 9/11 in my prayer but that was really it.  But it was only the 4th anniversary.  Not really a huge milestone anniversary.  This year it is the 10th Anniversary.  10 years holds a special time when we look back and realize where we are.  When I celebrate 10 years of marriage in May, I’ll be looking back and we will mark that as a milestone anniversary.

The next time 9/11 is on Sunday is at the 15th anniversary.  A milestone?  Yes, but not as much as 10th or 25th.  After that the next time there is a huge milestone anniversary for 9/11 on a Sunday is 2101.  Yes, the 100th year.  I’m going to let my great-grand children figure how to deal with that one on their own.

For me, Sunday will be a time of prayer.  A time to remember and mourn. A time to pray for our enemies and once again remember.  It is also a time when the Lectionary text fits nicely into the setting of the day.  Matthew 18:21-35, Forgiveness.  77 times worth of forgiveness.

On Sunday I will name the date and the events that happened ten years ago.  A day our culture changed.  It is not a day our God changed.  God was all over that day and I plan on naming that as well.  I will also be naming the fact that we are called as Christians (not Americans but as CHRISTIANS) to love our enemies and forgive like we are forgiven.

Pray for me and know that you all are in my prayers as we head to worship the Living God on Sunday.

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