Christmas Day Service and Mission

Image from UMCom’s article

I, like many out there, is looking at December 25th as a low Sunday.  Maybe not as low as the following Sunday, Hangover Sunday, January 1, 2012.  After reading an article in UMCom’s email newsletter I was inspired to think outside the box about our worship on Christmas morn.  I remembered that Thomasville Medical Center has a ton of Christmas trees up in their lobby from different companies and groups who donate them.  I then thought how sad it would be to be in the hospital on Christmas Day for what every reason, even if it was to give birth or earning a paycheck.

You see where I’m going here…

I called the hospital and talked to a couple of people.  Finally working with the Chaplain there we are okay to hold a Lessons and Carols service in the lobby of the hospital on Christmas morning at 10:00am.  I’m excited.  I was depressed thinking about what it would be like in our sanctuary with only 1/3 of the usual suspects in attendance.  But now, those 30 can come to the hospital and join together in hearing the Christmas story be told in the scriptures and sing all our favorite carols.

I will post about how it goes, but I’m thrilled we are moving outside the comfort of our walls on the day our Savoir left his to come to earth. My hope is that we will gather together, patients, doctors, nurses, custodians, volunteers, new babies, and regular church folk from Trinity and celebrate the birth of Christ.

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