GCB = Look at real church?

Logo comes from ABC

We are only two weeks into ABC’s new series GCB, based of a book Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin. I cannot speak to the book but I have seen both episodes of the ABC show.  Newt Gingrich called attention to it stating that the show is anti-Christian.  Here is what I have seen so for in these two episodes.

These group of ultra-rich ladies from Dallas are all members of United Memorial Church in Dallas Texas (not it is not a far leap from Memorial to Methodist).  During their visits they hobnob with key people in their society, talk bad about people behind their back, and use parts of worship as a soap box to push their agendas.  Then during the week they use scripture to back up their daily decision, which are usually a little ‘desperate.’  But I look at it and I though, I know what to call this…CHURCH!

Is the problem that GCB is anti-Christian or possibly a more accurate description of what church is like across the US or somewhere in between?  Of course any TV show character trying to sum up one giant group of people, in this case Texas Christians, with stereotypes and over-exaggeration.  But it might show us true Christians who how the world perceives us.  

On any given Sunday there are parking lot talks about power play when decisions are on the line.  Egos step in front of ministries and social status can equal church membership cards.  Depending on what a person is seeking in their life may direct them to a certain congregation.  As one person put it, “My father told me that I should attend _________ Church because I can rub elbow with the most important people of this town.”

Church is home to backstabbing, narcissism, bullying, and all ten commandments being broken.  This is because we are broken people.  This is no surprise to anyone who stands behind the pulpit or leads a congregation.  Even better, lead any committee and you will understand this within your first meeting.  

My question is are people made because GCB gives Christians a bad name or are they angry that the stereotypes look too real?

I’ll end with this quote from Margaret Feinberg from her article on CNN’s Belief Blog.

” ‘GCB’ challenges every Christian – including me – to consider our own faith journey and if our talk really matches our walk. When do we fall prey to petty, gossipy, vindictive attitudes and actions? In our own lives, when do we allow “GCB” to get the best of us?  The show has the potential to showcase themes such as forgiveness and redemption. For everyone’s sake, I hope it does.”

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