AiR_E005 – Children (Vanessa Myers)




Vanessa Myers has been in full-time ministry for 15 years in many different areas.  Currently, she has fallen in love with Children’s Ministry or Kid’s Min.  She has created a wonderful ministry at Dahlonega UMC, even writing her own curriculum at times.  She has her first book coming out soon, is an avid blogger and speaker.  In Episode 5 I have a conversation with her about Children’s ministry and what every church could be doing to reach these precious people in our congregations.

Please check out more about Vanessa at the links below.

In Episode 6, out on Nov. 20th, I will sit down with David Swanson and talk about multi-racial ministry, race, and life in a new church start.  Come back to hear that wonderful conversation and learn about his Adventure in Revland.

Until then, enjoy your adventure and peace be with you.


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