AiR_E006 – Multi-Racial (David Swanson)



David Swanson is the pastor of New Community Covenant Church in Bronzeville, a part of Chicago, IL.  Here is what his bio on the church website says, ” David idavid-swansons responsible for cultivating vision, equipping servant leaders, and leading community formation through preaching, leadership, and pastoral care. He works closely with the ministry team leaders to ensure that all aspects of worship and service are done so the name of Christ is proclaimed, reconciling community is developed and the cause of Jesus is advanced. Pastor David has been married to Maggie for fifteen years and they have two sons, Eliot and Winston. Pastor David is also the Director of Church Planting for the Central Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, a contributing editor for Leadership Journal, and a frequent blogger.”

David and I attended Montreat College together and since then our paths have gone in different yet similar directions.  We are both pastors although we are in drastically
different settings.  It has been wonderful to catch up with David and to hear about his ministry in a multi-racial setting.

If you would like to know more about David please visit his church’s website and exceptional blog.

In two weeks I have a conversation with Innocent Justice, a pastor in the rural country of the Western North Carolina Conference.  Before his ministry here in the WNCC, Innocent lived in Rwanda until the genocide happened.  Innocent lost many family members and became a refugee. He has a wonderful and breathtaking story.  Please come back for Episode 7 of Adventures in Revland.

Until then, enjoy your adventure and peace be with you.


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