AiR_E010 – Overseas (Kara Cooper)



Kara Cooper is the Chaplain for Lancaster University in Lancashire, Ekara-cooperngland.  Kara and I graduated together from Duke in 2002.  The year after that we both accepted an appointment in the British Methodist Church.  Kara hasn’t come back to the United States but is now an ordained clergy of the British Methodist Church and a British citizen.

Doing ministry overseas is an art.  In a more secular society with a national church, it is a lot different than ministry here in the “colonies.”  Yet, it proves to be a great place to experience God still at work in the lives of people.  Kara shares some of her stories and experiences as the follower of Jesus who talks a little funny.


This is the end of Season 1 here at Adventures In Revland.  Please stay tuned to this site for other content and for when Season 2’s episodes will air.  Thank you for following and listening to this adventure. It has been fun and I would love to hear from.  Please leave a comment and please leave a rating and review in iTunes.

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