Podcast – Season 2

IMG_1511On August 7th I will be releasing the first episode of season 2 of my podcast, Adventures in Revland.  In this season I will have some great conversations with people doing amazing things in ministry.  What does a person with a heart for missions,  a divorced clergy, a surfer helping young adults hear their call, a cartoonist and a District Superintendent have in common?  They are all guests for the first half of this second season.

Episode one – Missions with Brad Hopper – will be released on August 7th.  Then every first and third Monday of the month a new episode will come out.

Please, to help spread the news about this podcast, if you liked it or don’t, leave a review on Apple Podcast.

Also, listen to Season One by clicking here or by following the links below.  Thank you for listening and peace be with you!

S1E01 – Casualties – Ben Williams
S1E02 – Authenticity – Rob Hill
S1E03 – New Ground – Amy Butler
S1E04 – Politics – James Howell
S1E05 – Children – Vanessa Myers
S1E06 – Multi-Racial – David Swanson
S1E07 – Refugee – Innocent Justice
S1E08 – Camp – John Isely
S1E09 -Theology – Wes Smith
S1E10 – Overseas – Kara Cooper

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