AiR_017 – Campus Ministry – Steve Cheyney



SteveSteve Cheyney is the Executive Director of the Cooperative Christian Ministries at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), Central Piedmont Community College and Johnson and Wales.  His main focus is as the Campus Minister at UNCC.  There, with the help of students, he runs Niners United.  We talk about his ministry with the next generation and how college years can be extremely formative.

Cooperative Christian Ministries

In two weeks, episode 18 will go live, the 8th in season 2.  I will be talking with Christine Burkett, a speech pathologist who teaches and coaches preachers at Duke Divinity School.  Christine is an example of what I hope to do more of in season 3.  If you know of non-clergy people who are doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God, please email me.

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