AiR_E018 – Linguistics – Christine Burkett



ChristineToday I have a conversation with Christine Burkett, a speech-pathologist by trade and a pew sitter by profession.  She teaches guides and coaches young preachers on this art form they have been called by God to do.  She has incredible insights into language, crafting sermons and how to make them stick.  She has taught at Duke Divinity School for over 20 years, helps lead the Institute of Preaching, and is a sought-after speaker for preachers.  She is one of the teachers and professors whose voice is still in my head as I write, preach and lead worship.

If you are in the Western North Carolina or Florida conference of the United Methodist Church, please check out the Institute of Preaching.  It is a wonderful year journey through the art of preaching.

If you have laity who are doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God I can have a conversation with for season three, please let me know via a comment or email me at

On the first Monday of December, I will be sitting down with Donna Claycomb Sokol, the pastor of Mount Veron Place UMC in Washington, DC.  We will talk about her new book and the journey MVPUMC has been on since her arrival there.

Until then, enjoy your adventure and peace be with you.

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