AiR_E020 – Hospice – Shea Collins



There is probably no scary room in the world, then walking into a room with people who have just experienced a tragic death or into a room where death is about to happen.  The people of Hospice know this space more than anyone.  In my experience, there are no better people than those who walk families through this tender and thin space.  What ramps up the horribleness is when children or youth are involved.  This is the space that Shea Collins works in.  She has had 15 years of experience working with children, youth and their families in the Hospice setting.  She is an ordained Elder within the United Methodist Church and is now working at Hospice of Cabarrus County in North Carolina.  In our conversation, we talk about how to deal with these situations and places of grief.  She gives amazing insights and recommendations to clergy and laypeople alike.

One of the things she talks about is a week-long summer camp to help connect youth who are dealing with tragedies.  Grief can be a lonely place but here at this Grief Camp these youth learn they are not alone.  CLICK HERE for more information.

As I wrap up Season 2, I want to say a special thank you to all my guests and for the wonderful conversations we have had this season.  I am looking forward to what Season 3 might hold.  For Season 3 I would love to talk to more non-clergy people about their work to build up the kingdom of God.  If you know someone I should have a conversation with, please leave a comment below.

Until next season, enjoy your adventure and peace be with you.

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