My Lenten Discipline – Truth

pexels-photo-262543While in divinity school, my roommate and I gave up meat for Lent.  It was going great until we both caught ourselves eating chicken wings at a party.  We repented and moved on to the chips and dip.  Other Lenten seasons I have attempted to add things to my life like following the Rethink Church’s photo “Picture a Day.”

In our world of alternative facts and truth being relatives, I thought I would tell the truth this Lenten Season.  For the forty-six days of Lent (Lent is a season of forty days and Sundays aren’t counted because they are “little Easters”), I will tweet a truth about my life as a preacher, minister, and pastor of a local church.

I hope some will be seen as funny, maybe some as profound.  Others I hope to shine a light on the humanness of being called into ministry and the real emotions, struggles, and pains preaching weekly, praying with families and printing/folding bulletins can hold.

Through this task, I pray my eyes will be opened to how much God surrounds the work I do in the local church.  Sometimes ministry can get the minister bogged down, worn down and we put blinders up to the how God is at work even in the mundane.

Here is to opening my eyes, heart, and soul this Lenten Season!

You can join me on this journey by following me @revjimparsons.

3 thoughts on “My Lenten Discipline – Truth

  1. Good luck with this, Jim. I’m picking this up for UM Insight and hope it brings you more participants.

    One question: Do you mean “Lenten Disciple” in the headline, or is it perhaps “Lenten Discipline”? The latter seems to make more sense to me, but I’ll abide by your choice.


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