A New Podcast

Theology of... Logo 3We have bounced this idea around for a while, almost two years. Now it is becoming a reality. Tomorrow, Monday, 01/20/2020, Wes Smith and I will launch a new podcast called, “Theology of…”

The premise is easy. Each season we take one piece of culture and talk about ten theological themes within it. For Season 1 we are diving into “Game of Thrones.” Now that the series ended, we can see the full arc of some of the characters and argue about the good and bad in season 8.

Each new episode will drop on Monday morning to be fresh in your podcast cue for the coming week. We have also started a Facebook Page where we can continue the conversations and discussions as each episode goes live. You can also email us HERE.

Dustin Shelton, musician extraordinaire, composed and played our original theme song for the season. You can check out more of his work HERE.

Subscribe now, via the links below, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

Apple Podcast; Spotify; Google Play Music; and Podomatic.

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