Lectionary Sermon Planner

I did a thing. I created three planners for lectionary preachers for the new Christian year. Each week has the lectionary passages for the week and two pages to jot down notes, illustrations, ideas, themes, and all you need to start the sermon planning. There are “at a glance” sections as well to get a scenic view of your preaching plan before diving into the nitty-gritty of each week. Each book is 7×10, leaving plenty of room to write, doodle, and plan. See the pictures below for what the insides look like. They are only $7.99 per book on Amazon. Follow the links below!

Sermon Planner – Year C: Advent – Transfiguration

Sermon Planner – Lectionary Year C: Lent – Pentecost

Sermon Planner: Lectionary Year C – Trinity Sunday through Christ the King

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