Profile PicMy name is Jim Parsons.  If you were hoping I am the incredibly funny and entertaining Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory…Banzinga!  I am a lover of God, a husband to the best wife ever and father of two of the brightest, funniest and most awesome children.

I am an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and I am currently serving in my third appointment in the Western North Carolina Conference of the UMC.  I am the pastor/preacher/minister at Milford Hills UMC in Salisbury, NC.  This is a wonderful place to live and do ministry.

My purpose in blogging is to share ideas, musings, and sermons from Revland.  Revland is the place we “professional Christians” live.  It is the space that kills conversations at parties or gets weird looks from strangers when they find out “what you do for a living.”  It is that space where people feel the need to confess a reason they were absent from church when they see you in the grocery store and then call you at 3am when their parent passes away.  It is the space where you get invited into the most intimate moments of people’s lives, births, deaths, pain, joy, and grace.  Revland is the place where I live not by choice but because God has called me here.

It is here that I reside and here I find my purpose and joy.

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