Sermon Distraction #31

Okay it has been a long time since I have posted one of these but this one is worth it. Not only is it a Stick Hero game but you can design your own levels and challenge your friends. I know, FUN!


Sermon Distraction #18 – Typeracer

WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Here is another distraction for you all, TYPERACER. This one is on typing, something many of us think we are good at. You race live people on typing a paragraph. You have to type it exactly right, as your car runs across the screen. You can sign up or just run as a guest. So far my best word per minute is 89. And I got skunked by a guy typing 109. Have fun! Remember to rest your fingers, you do have a sermon to type!
What was your best wpm?
I have to quit playing this. My hands are starting to shake!!!!!!

Sermon Distraction #17 – Split Words

I like word games, I’m not good at them but I do like them. I confess I cannot play Scrabble with a dictionary but its still fun! This game is called Split Word and it is simple, connect the two sides of a word. WARNING: Harder than you think and takes forever to download. This is a game to build your thinking and keep your brain sharp, so it is also good for you, which should provide some guilt free playing. It is also highly addicting, BEWARE! Of course most of these sermon distractions are addicting. Enjoy and remember Sunday morning is on it’s way.