Season 1 – Theology Of

Wes Smith and I just wrapped on the first season of our podcast, “Theology of…seeing God in the Ordinary.” This first season we looked at HBO’s Game of Thrones and 10 themes within the series. Each episode we contrasted what we saw on GoT and what is in the Bible. It was a fun first season, and while we are all stuck at home, I thought it would be great to put it all together in one place.

You can head to our Podcast WebsiteTheology of... Logo 3 or here are each of the ten episodes.

  1. S01E01 – Power
  2. S01E02 – Redemption
  3. S01E03 – Betrayal
  4. S01E04 – Wisdom
  5. S01E05 – Society & Class
  6. S01E06 – Religion
  7. S01E07 – Sacrifice
  8. S01E08 – Slavery & Freedom
  9. S01E09 – Justice
  10. S01E10 – Morality

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Thanks for listening and we hope to be back with a second season as we continue to see God in the ordinary.

Revelation on Elevation

Another news story was launched on Elevation Church and this time it is about Spontaneous Baptisms. The NBC affiliate in Charlotte, WCNC, has been doing some investigating reports on the church. Some say it is a witch hunt while others point to the history of PTL as valid reasons why this reporting is important.  One of the main campuses of the church is only a few miles from my church.  I have friends who attend the church and I am finding that these stories are talked about in almost all of my social circles, personal and professional.  Recently there was a blog post that came out showing a coloring page given to children and it has added additional fuel to the fire. 
Some of my Facebook friends have asked my opinion on the matter and I told them I would respond. Now that I have drawn a line in the sand I feel I need to say something but I have been wrestling with how and what to actually say.  
I wrote one draft of a post but then after reading another clergy’s thoughts on what is happening I realized what I need to say.  So here it goes…
I am an Ordained Elder of the United Methodist Church and have grown up in the UMC all my life.  I love our theology, structure and holding down the extreme center socially and theologically.  I went to a Presbyterian college and received reformed theological training and theology but I became more United Methodist the longer I was there.  I am not Southern Baptist and have never been.  I have only attended a few Southern Baptist churches and have limited experience with SB pastors.  Although, my daughter does go to a Southern Baptist Preschool and I have family who are Baptist.
I say this because the Southern Baptist theology and polity are not things I am all too familiar with.  I know a little but not enough to make myself an expert.  I know we don’t agree theologically on many things.  I know I have had some recovering baptists in my congregations over the years and I know others who are recovering methodists in baptist congregations.  
I celebrate our differences because we all look at the world differently.  We need different theologies so that we can speak to as many people as possible and work together to bring forth the Kingdom of God.  We can agree to disagree on our views of baptism, church structure and other points of theology.  It is okay!
Elevation Church is a Southern Baptist Church although you will not find that anywhere on their site or campuses.  I know that Pastor Steven is doing some wonderful things over there.  How could he not to be only 34 and have a congregation in two cities and growing it to over 14,000 people?  I hear the music is incredible and the production put into each worship service is amazing, although I have not ever been to a worship service there.  
When some of the other news reports came out I asked some of my Elevation friends their thoughts.  I did this because how Elevation is run and organized is vastly different than my denomination and experience.  I was curious what others thought, not in a judgmental way but in a “I want to learn more about this” way.  
With all this said, here is my $.02 on Elevation Church.  It is different than my church in almost every way.  It is structured differently than my denomination and the church I pastor.  We hold different views when it comes to baptism and visioning.  I have listened to some of Pastor Steven’s sermons via podcast and there are some places where we agree theologically and others where we disagree, although I can find that in about every minister, even within my own tradition.  Elevation ≠ Indian Trail United Methodist.  Good?  Bad?  I am not to judge, all I know is we are different.
Would I hold a Spontaneous Baptism service…no because we have a different theology on baptism.  Do I agree with the planting of 15 people to get up when Pastor Steven asks people to come get baptized?   To me that walks right up to that line we shouldn’t cross in worship and resembles a little bit of Jonas Nightingale to me.  But once again that is because we see things differently.  I think the news report was a little unfair and reaching when it talks about “mining for good stories.”  I think all pastors and churches are looking for good stories to help share people’s experience at their church.  I don’t see anything unBiblical about that, but since the church published guidelines with those directions in it, it does make them a easy target.
I finally realized where I should look to form my opinion of Elevation Church…scripture.  As it says in Acts 5:38-39, “So in the present case, I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone; because if this plan or this undertaking is of human origin, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them—in that case you may even be found fighting against God!” I will not judge nor try to fight against God. I will acknowledge our differences but we worship the same God and believe in the work and salvation found in Jesus Christ.  That is my opinion on Elevation…if is of human origin, it will fail and if it is of God, it will thrive.

I will pray for their church, as I hope they would lift mine up as well, and I will continue to do my part to build up the Kingdom of God in the community we share.

My Home Church Made a Movie

It has been in the mix for a while and I have heard rumors of it through my and my wife’s family who still attend University City UMC in Charlotte, NC. On March 30th they released The One Lamb in 31 states and in 100 theaters. It brought in $58,300 on it’s opening weekend. Bill Fentum of the UM Portal is ready for a review and Charlotte’s newspaper has written about it as well.

Being this is the church that launched my faith and supported me through ordination and beyond I have mixed feelings. I am not sure if I am proud or ready to cower in embarrassment. All I have seen is the preview on Tangle (which is below) and I haven’t personally talked to anyone who has seen the movie yet. With that said it does look like it will battle with Facing the Giants and Fireproof for bad acting awards. Okay instead of bad let me say, amateur acting.

The other part that gets under my skin is a scene in the preview. The pastor is standing next to a tree with the main character in front of him. They are talking about the main character going to the doctor (I make the assumption it is about the cancer he has). The pastor looks at him and says, “It doesn’t matter because before you were born…it was already decided what that doctor was going to say to you in that room.” HELLO!!!! What type of United Methodist theology is that? Being an ordained minister of the UMC and this being my home church, I am a little disturbed by that piece of theology.

With that said I am not passing judgment on the film quiet yet. With a baby #2 due any day and Easter and all the other junk happening right now, I’m not going to run out the theaters to see it, but when it comes out on video I will see it out of curiosity and personal obligation. I truly pray that it is a movie I can be proud my church created and not something I will shake my head at.


Intelligent Design Discussion – Stein and Sproul

This is a good discussion between Ben Stein and R.C. Sproul. I like the quote,

Chance is a magical word for ignorance.

I think Stein’s new movie (go here my post on the trailer) Expelled may have some good points but this is an intersting topic. Are we as a scientific society attending the Church of Darwin over true free thought? Interesting to think about.

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